The All
Is One


Slaughterhouse owner Werner Haas has a ton of slaughter waste dumped on his front lawn in the middle of the night. Fuming mad, he files charges against unknown persons and foolishly sets something in motion that can’t be stopped.

A philosophical political social satire.


ProductionTobby Holzinger Filmproduktion GmbH
DirectorTobias Schönenberg
MPAARated G: General audiences – All ages admitted

Director’s statement – Tobias Schönenberg

This film centers around the question of why we humans still eat meat. The German Animal Welfare Act turned fifty years old in 2022. It states that vertebrates may only be killed for “justifiable reasons”. I think that aspect alone is grounds for heated debate. In this film we refrain from indulging in the visual horror of the slaughterhouse, and instead, opt for a delightful, articulate, human ensemble. My hope is that the many varied opinions expressed in the film inspire fiery debate.

Full Cast

(in order of appearance)

The All Is One – oh, really?

  • Around 53.2 million pigs were slaughtered in German slaughterhouses in 2019.
  • The All Is One is a feature film with 53 roles of equal size.
  • The All Is One centers around the question of why we humans still eat meat.

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  • Anna Pfingsten
  • Martin Timmy Haberger
  • Martin König
  • Annaleen Frage
  • Reiki von Carlowitz
  • Ludwig Hohl
  • Zodwa Selele
  • Sibylle Gogg
  • Elke Jochmann
  • Vincent Bermel
  • Cornelia Dörr
  • Katja M. Luxembourg
  • Nina Tirpitz
  • Sam Michelson
  • Till-Jan Meinen
  • Michael Gernot Sumper
  • Recardo Koppe
  • Heinrich Rolfing
  • Alexander Mateev
  • Johannes Aichinger
  • Laila Nielsen
  • Kati Thiemer
  • Swetlana Saam
  • Inga Rosa Kammerer
  • Anja Haverland
  • Anadine Jaeschke
  • Teglat Kas Hana
  • Emilia Rosa de Fries
  • Liese Lyon
  • Sophie Meinecke
  • Marvin George
  • Andreas Ricci
  • Flora Pulina
  • Verena Bonnkirch
  • Philine Bührer
  • Martina Dähne
  • Flavia Elena Meterez
  • Anna-Sophie Fritz
  • Darina Greilich
  • Deryl Kenfack
  • Joëlle Banse
  • Christoph Schulenberger
  • Elisa Pape
  • Natalie Heiss
  • Bettine Langehein
  • Ulrich Faßnacht
  • Dorothea Lata
  • Jonathan Schäfer
  • Jennifer Demmel
  • Irina Margarethe Ries
  • Marco Steeger
  • Ursula Philomena Breitenhuber
  • Livio Cecini


  • Screenplay Hilal Sezgin
  • Director Tobias Schönenberg
  • Cinematographer Timo Sonnenschein
  • Score hackedepicciotto
  • Editor Laura Köhler
  • Sound Department Stefan Bück
  • Production Design Celina Finger
  • Costume Design Hanna Pulkkinen
  • Makeup Department Kevin Vedder, Carina Campbell
  • Producer Tobby Holzinger
  • Executive Production Schönenbergfilm GmbH
  • Production- Assistant Celina Finger
  • Acting Coaches Jens Roth, Regina Stötzel
  • Police Advisor Clarissa Börner
  • Gaffer Adriano Grilli
  • Best Boy Rafael Winkler, Christian Bechtloff
  • Camera Assistants Nico Flach, Jakob Loda, Christian R. Meyer, Andreas Schütte
  • Visual Effects Stephan Trümper
  • Sound Editing & Sound Design Stefan Bück
  • Sound Mixing Sven Mühlender
  • Grip & Lighting Equipment Provided By MBF Filmtechnik GmbH & Prismaland
  • Insurance Howden Caninenberg GmbH
  • Legal Counsel Vivian Pérez, SKW Schwarz
  • Subtitles Annie Großjohann

Festivals and Awards

  • FBW (Film rating Board Wiesbaden, Germany): rating “precious”
  • FAUNA Tepoztlán Animal Festival 2023 (Mexico): World premiere, opening film & “Domingo Award”
  • Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2023 (USA): “Award of Excellence”
  • NDFF – New Delhi Film Festival 2023 (India): “Best Feature Film” (Nomination)
  • World Vegan Film Festival Asia 2023 (Indonesia): Official Selection
  • NFF – Neisse Filmfestival 2023 (Germany): German premiere, “Deutsches Fenster” & “Audience Award” (Nomination)
  • Vision Feast Film Festival 2023 (New Zealand): Nominee
  • Vegan Çiftlik / The Vegan Farm Film Festival 2023 (Türkiye): opening film
  • TBFF – Toronto Beaches Film Festival 2023 (Canada): “Best Feature Film” & “Best Actor: Martin Timmy Haberger”
  • ECOador Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental 2023 (Ecuador): Official Selection
  • IAFFF – International Animal Future Film Festival 2023 (England): “Finalist”
  • Mostra Animal (Intern. Film Festival for the Animals) 2023 (Brazil): “Oscow” (Nomination)
  • Berlin Indie Film Festival 2023 (Germany): “Best Feature Film”
  • Kiez Berlin Film Festival 2023 (Germany): “Best Feature Film”
  • A Show For A Change Film Festival 2023 (USA): “Social Impact Award”
  • MIFF – Mokkho International Film Festival 2023 (India): “Best Director: Tobias Schönenberg”
  • JFF – Jagran Film Festival 2023 (India): Official Selection – “World Panorama”
  • PEFF – Intern. Environmental Film Festival of Patagonia 2023 (Argentina): “Audience Award”
  • TDTW – Punkfilmfest Berlin 2023 (Germany): “Audience Choice Award” (Nomination)
  • Silence, ça touille ! (Movie and Food Festival) 2023 (France): “Prix du film long mordant”
  • Better World Filmfestival 2023 ( Germany): “Sunrise Trophy”
  • China International Green Film Week 2023 (China): „Natural Hope · Fiction Film Award“ (Nomination)
  • INFF – Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2023 (Austria): closing film
  • Courage Film Festival 2023 (Germany): “Semi-Finalist“
  • HEFFI – Helsinki Education Film Festival Intern. 2023 (Finland): Official Selection
  • Kids First! Film Festival 2023 (USA): Official Selection
  • IVFF – The International Vegan Film Festival 2023 (Canada): “Nominee“
  • this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival 2023 (Austria): out of competition
  • FICCA – Festival Internacional de Cine Animal y Ambiental 2023 (Mexico): “Best Animal Feature Film”
  • DFF – Dumbo Film Festival 2023 (USA): “Semi-Finalist“
  • Snowdance Independent Film Festival 2024 (Germany): Official Selection
  • FINDECOIN – Independent International Short & Feature Film Festival „The day is short“ 2024 (Venezuela): “Best Narrative Feature Film” (Nomination)
  • Festival du Film Vert (Green Film Festival) 2024 (Switzerland and France): Official Selection
  • Filmfest Schleswig-Holstein 2024 (Germany): Official Selection
  • IDIF – The Independent Days International Filmfestival 2024 (Germany): “Indie Award” (Nomination)
  • My Name is Climate Film Festival 2024 (England): “Best Film on Animal: Winner Audience Award”
  • BNP Paribas Green Film Festival 2024 (Poland): Official Selection
  • Festival Internacional de Cinema Socioambiental 2024 (Brazil): “Best Feature Film“ (Nomination)



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